Brief History

We gathered with a desire for personal healing and to see Gods Kingdom expressed on earth. As the three of us pursued Him we personally experienced the healing love of Jesus. One day the Lord showed us a detailed spiritual vision which exposed the root of a problem. Deep profound and lasting healing resulted. Since that time Jesus has enabled us to see more weapons of the enemy used on people and the ways to release them. As we pray and in prophetic acts remove the hindering objects the person usually feels immediate release. What began as a passion for people continues with a hunger to touch as many people as possible with the love of the Father, the healing touch of Jesus and the knowledge of Holy Spirit.


Dori Montalbano-Locks

Prophetic Minister

I had always known Jesus, or I should say known of Him. My Mother gave me back to Him right after I was born...He accepted. I went to church, fell into rebellion, went back to church, fell back into rebellion, but Jesus continued to pursue me. In 1988 the Jesus I thought I knew came to me to show me that He is so much more than I could have dreamed He is. Over the years, the intensity of the closeness with him has grown to a level that can never be matched by anything other than Him. I am my Beloved's and He is mine. Song of Solomon 6:3 There is such a richness and peace in the things He shows me everyday and everyday the wonders of knowing Him grow to new heights and new revelation. He also pursues you, His beloved.


Jackie Williams

Prophetic Minister

After a life changing encounter with Jesus in 1993, He has taught me about healing prayer. I spent years working with The Healing Rooms of Southern VT as well as practicing the art of Sozo from Bethel. As my relationship with God has grown more intimate he has deepened my knowledge and opened my eyes to the weapons of warfare used against people.

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